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Thanks Tzippy, Thanks Perry and the entire sales staff at Mega Babies!! ...

S. Klein
Brooklyn, NY

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Hi Mr. Hoffmann and staff, Just to show a bit the impression your shop left us by visiting the states, We came to the states and we went around shopping every day all day, we discovered the type of service the American shopkeepers provide, they have no time for anyone, they are wild, noisy, etc., but when we entered your shop it was really different, the service that the sales ladys provided and the layout of the shop the big selection made us feel like in Europe!, so if anyone would want to shop in Europe while being in the states MEGA BABIES is the place. Yours the schapira-gluck family of London.

Yours the schapira-gluck family of London.

Thank you Mega Babies.We really enjoy everything we have from you. The service was great. Dealing with you was a pleasure. Your sales people really took the time and made shopping at mega babies a wonderful experience.

Many thanks, Fam. Schapira
Monsey N.Y.

I needed to shop for a new stroller. As I went around to several stores I was getting confused as to which one I should choose. My next stop was Mega Babies. The huge display of carriages at Mega Babies was the solution for me. The saleslady helped me study each carriage with its pros & cons until I was able to make the right decision.

K. Mulan
Staten Island, NY

Dear Mega Babies, I must express my gratitude to you for all your help regarding the baby room that I am now finally enjoying so much. Starting from when I stepped into your store & ending with the final delivery was a great experience. It was a pleasure dealing with you & your salesladies. Thanks again for all your help, advice & patience!!

R. Schick

Hey there! I just browsed the internet & came across your website ó itís beautiful!!!! Gotta take the opportunity to put in two words for you, you know I owe it for you!! Thanks for all you do for me! People out there, just get involved with Mega Babies & youíll see what I mean...!!!

Passaic, NJ

Thanks Mega Babies. Your service is excellent!! Your repair guy was here; he was extremely nice & did beautiful work!!

Brooklyn, NY

Thanks Tzippy, Thanks Perry and the entire sales staff at Mega Babies!! As soon as I stepped into Mega Babies I sensed this will be the place that will help me decide whatís best for me & my new baby. The amazing service that Mega Babies provided for me while giving me their honest opinion set me on the right track.

S. Klein
Brooklyn, NY

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